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LG Chem/LGCPI strives to remain the OEM’s supplier of choice for HEV, PHEV, and EV applications. In doing so, we utilize the following tools and disciplines to ensure we deliver products and services that consistently meet and exceed our customer’s expectations:

Requirements Capture and Specification Development

  • Industry Specifications
  • LG Chem/LGCPI Battery Design Specifications & Validation Procedures
  • Application-Specific Specification Package
    • Customer Design Specification (Functional, Interface, Performance)
    • Environmental Specification
    • Design Validation Plans & Reports (DVP&R)
    • Production Validation Plans & Reports (PVP&R)
    • System Requirements & Compliance Matrix (SRCM)

Design Robustness Discipline

  • P-Diagrams and Noise Factors
  • Structured DFMEA (System, Pack, BMS, Module, Cell)
  • Fault-Tree Analyses
  • Automotive SPICE©, ISO-26262, and AutoSAR© (Systems & Software Developments).
  • Early APQP Participation
  • Design for Assembly / Design for Manufacturability / Design for Serviceability
  • Model-based software development (dSpace©, Simulink©, Hardware-in-the-Loop, Software-in-the-Loop, Model-in-the-Loop)

Change Management Discipline

  • Design Change Request Process
  • Supplier Request for Approval Process

Test & Validation Resources

  • Full range of environmental testing capabilities including: extreme tempuratures, humidity, vibration, mechanical shock, water intrusion and thermal shock
  • Cell, Cell Module and Pack abuse testing including: overtemp, over charge, over-discharge, crush, penetration, and related UN shipping certification tests
  • Functionality and performance testing including: parametric, cycling, and fault injection/fault handling verification testing

Vision Statement

To be the North American center of excellence for the design and development of Battery Management Systems, Modules and Packs in collaboration with the Korea team and serve as the interface for local customers to make LG Chem Energy Solution Company the global leader in Li-ion batteries for vehicle and energy storage applications.

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