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Quality at LGCPI


At LG Chem/LGCPI providing our customers world class solutions that meet or exceed the industry’s highest quality standards is paramount. To achieve this goal we have put in place well recognized and accepted automotive and commercial industry quality processes and standards. Our integrated Quality (QMS), Environment (EMS), and Safety (SMS) Management Systems are developed and implemented to satisfy stringent ISO and OSHA standards to ensure delivery of the highest quality products to our customers.

Quality commitments embedded within the LG Chem Power Inc. Policy Statement are essential to maintaining our ISO-9001 (Quality Management) certification:

LG Chem Power Inc. Policy Statement:

LG Chem Power Inc. is committed to improving the environment and meeting the expectations of its customers, employees, and other stakeholders by adhering to and continually improving the LGCPI management system, processes and objectives for safety, quality, delivery, cost, morale and environment.

This will be achieved by:

  • Compliance with applicable safety, customer, environmental, legal and other requirements;
  • A commitment to prevention of injury and ill health;
  • The safety, development, involvement and growth of our employees;
  • Pursuit of pollution prevention and waste reduction in both our operations and products;
  • Focused project management throughout the product lifecycle;
  • Efficient and effective interdepartmental, supplier, and customer communication;
  • Reuse of engineering designs along with the integration of lessons learned


LG Chem is a leading manufacturer of lithium ion battery cells world wide. With global production capacity in HEV, PHEV, and EV markets. LGCPI’s focus is on integrating LG Chem’s battery cells into world class energy storage solutions. Backed by the resources of the LG Group, LGCPI has both the means and technical capabilities required to bring advanced lithium ion battery packs to the automotive market.

ISO 14001:2004


OSHAS 18001:2007


ISO 9001:2008


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