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With the American economy highly dependent on the importation of Fossil Fuels and as air pollution becomes a worldwide concern, Hybrid and Electric Vehicle propulsion becomes a necessity.

Since all Hybrid and Electric Vehicle applications require batteries, LGCPI targets the following three applications:

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications Commercial and Military Applications
Hybrid Electric vehicles use both a conventional internal combustion engine as well as electric motors to propel vehicles. Energy is stored in batteries and drives the electric motors. LGCPI’s customers utilize Lithium Ion battery packs in their automotive Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Plug in Hybrid Electric use a larger battery pack than traditional Hybrid Electric Vehicles and have an extended “all electric” range. Typical consumers will plug vehicles in at night when at home or at work during the day. LGCPI is currently developing batteries and cells specifically targeting this market. Plug in Hybrid and Conventional Hybrid technologies work equally well, and are important in the Commercial and Military markets. As this market expands LGCPI will be there to support the demand of OEMs for safe, cost effective, high quality energy storage solutions.

Battery Cells

LG Chem/LGCPI first manufactured lithium-ion batteries in 1998. By establishing a robust mass production system, LG Chem/LGCPI now supplies cells to major international companies.

With increased investments and leading-edge technology, LG Chem/LGCPI has become one of the world’s principal battery manufacturers for the HEV, PHEV, and EV industries.

LG Chem/LGCPI’s lithium-ion battery cells provide several advantages over the competition, including:

Improved abuse-tolerance

  • Safety Reinforced Separator
  • “Mixed Cathode” Chemistry
  • Safer Packaging

Better thermal performance (Thin, Flat Package)

Higher reliability (Fewer parts, simpler manufacturing)

Improved Total Cost (Packaging, Chemistry)

Outstanding Performance

  • Power Density
  • Energy Density
  • Calendar and Cycle Life
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