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Battery Pack & Management


LGCPI Lithium-Ion battery packs are advanced systems consisting of LG Chem’s industry-leading battery cells arranged in space-efficient cell modules and housed in vehicle-specific enclosures, the battery management system, contactors, relays, fuses, busbars and wire harnesses are designed to ensure a low-loss, highly robust electrical distribution system. For demanding environments, we offer a variety of thermal management systems including air cooling, direct liquid cooling/heating, and indirect cold-plate heat transfer solutions. Protection against moisture, dust, external loads, shock and vibration are critical features of our battery packs.

Beyond typical automotive usage, where the primary function of the battery is to safely store and release energy for propulsion and vehicle loads, LGCPI has launched lithium battery packs with auxiliary outputs for commercial applications where the battery supplies power to run external loads while the vehicle’s engine is not running.

LG Chem/LGCPI automotive lithium-ion battery packs are among the most advanced packs in the world, optimizing energy and power, functionality, and thermal management across a wide range of packages. We understand automotive packaging challenges and therefore we excel in developing customer specific applications including multi-pack systems, tunnel-mounted packs and trunk-mounted packs.

Battery Management Systems

The Battery Management System is the brain of the battery pack, taking information from the various sensors within the pack as well as external data from the vehicle, running control algorithms using that data, and issuing control commands to actuators within the pack and performance data back to the vehicle. Using state of the art microcontrollers and ASICs, we are able to provide highly redundant, safe control of the battery functions. Our electronics hardware and the embedded software are designed in a holistic, system-oriented amnner, employing the principles of Automotive SPICE©, ISO_26262, and AutoSAR©.


Battery Cells

LG Chem/LGCPI first manufactured lithium-ion batteries in 1998. By establishing a robust mass production system, LG Chem/LGCPI now supplies cells to major international companies.

With increased investments and leading-edge technology, LG Chem/LGCPI has become one of the world’s principal battery manufacturers for the HEV, PHEV, and EV industries.

LG Chem/LGCPI’s lithium-ion battery cells provide several advantages over the competition, including:

Improved abuse-tolerance

  • Safety Reinforced Separator
  • “Mixed Cathode” Chemistry
  • Safer Packaging

Better thermal performance (Thin, Flat Package)

Higher reliability (Fewer parts, simpler manufacturing)

Improved Total Cost (Packaging, Chemistry)

Outstanding Performance

  • Power Density
  • Energy Density
  • Calendar and Cycle Life
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